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April 20

Development: Excel and Access: Perfect Together
As a frequent Microsoft Office user, we got Excel and Access to take care of our tables, charts, and data. Oftentimes, we don’t know which one to use since both of them are good to handle business information. The good thing however is that you can connect your Excel table to your Access database.

April 14

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April 10

Das bezaubernde Istanbul und die No-Gos
Geprägt von den Baustilen und Kulturen zweier Kontinente und einer Geschichte, die 2600 Jahre zurückblickt, ist Istanbul auf jeden Fall eine Reise wert. Ob Familienurlaub mit den Kindern oder eine Besichtigungstour der berühmten Museen, Moscheen oder den Bauwerken mit römischen, griechischen, byzantinischen und türkischen Einflüssen, jeder Bedarf wird in Istanbul abgedeckt.

April 1

Cercavo una piattaforma per la pubblicazione di immagini. Dopo alcuni test l’ho trovata: withknown. Non sarà immediata come Instagram ma per i miei scopi va benissimo, in particolare perché genera un feed RSS gestibile con IFTTT. Agli account in hosting offre 3 gigabytes di spazio, i quali sono ampiamente più che sufficienti per l’uso che intendo farne.

March 31


March 30

Travel: Used Cars
My oldest daughter is shopping for her first car. She has been saving for quite a while to get something nice. I keep telling her that she should start off with a good used car so she can make some simple payments and build her credit without having to buy a 13,000 dollar car and make 500 dollars a month payments just to get to work and back each day.

March 28

How to Go For Ziyarat During Umrah?
Kaaba is a sacred place for all Muslims and millions of Muslims from various parts of the world travel to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. The performance of Tawaf around the Kaaba and doing Sai between the hills of Safa and Marwa is called Umrah. It can be performed anytime in a year and men along with women can equally perform Umrah at the same time in Saudi Arabia.

March 26

Products: Book Publishing
I have a great idea for a book, that I think will end up helping a lot of people if I can get people to read it. I have the book written for the most part, now I just need to find a good publishing company that can help me publish it and get it out. I really would like to see this become a big success and help a lot of people in the long run.

March 25

Products: Impact Wrenches
I have a good friend that is a mechanic. He tells me the most valuable tool in his shop is his impact wrench. He can do most jobs with it.
Chi è senza colpa
Titolo originale: The drop. È un film compatto. Autoriale, se avesse senso usare questo aggettivo per un’opera, quella cinematografica, intrinsecamente collettiva. Lo spunto della storia è l’uso di un bar come punto di raccolta di denaro da riciclare.