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April 20

Development: April Cook-off
It is really a disaster, a problem was dead easy and others were fucking difficult problems. the difficult problems were solved by around 20-30 demigods. i have seen one those people’s complex code and i can’t keep laughing at the sight of code.
Development: codechef
April Cook-off has started………

April 15

Good Man Is this open source?

April 9

Travel: Saving Money on Cheap Airport Limo Rentals
Toronto is a very big city and like other big cities, there is a huge problem of traffic and transport here. If you are traveling from one end to another of the city, chances are that you will have to tackle the huge problem of traffic two or three times on your way. If you are a visitor to the city, you need a transportation that will help you get through the traffic with ease and make your experience comfortable.

April 7

Mykonos island: Nightlife in Mykonos Island
People love to have fun, so the place to be is Mykonos. The island of Mykonos is known as the most popular place to be to have late magical nights full of excitement, drinking and dancing which becomes more evident when the sun goes down and the streets, bars and clubs become packed with people from all around the world. Finding the right atmosphere is not a problem on the island.

April 6

Mykonos island: ‘I Do!’ in Mykonos Island, Greece
Mykonos Romance The island of Mykonos is famed as one of the most romantic islands in the world. It is certainly not odd or outlandish that more and more couples choose the island of Mykonos for their wedding ceremony setting.
Wizmo Gaming
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April 1


March 29

How to overcome the driving phobia
A phobia is a Greek word that means the extreme level of fear, but in the case of driving phobia, you will not be in a position to drive the car. And you always require someone that can drop you at your desired destination. According to the clinical psychology, a patient can defeat his fear, after attending the therapy sessions.

March 26

Road safety; a manifestation of the defensive driving techniques
If you want to lower the risks that are associated with the driving, the defensive driving techniques can be very useful. Following the easy to follow tips and staying away from the distraction can save your valuable life and that of the others on the road, not to mention the fuel cost. When the probability of the accident is reduced it means that you are adding life to your vehicle.