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August 1

Things To Be Noted Before Hiring Services Of House Cleaning
Hiring someone for cleaning your House is not an easy task. Hiring cleaning services you can trust could be a laborious task, with so many available options from franchise to mom-and-pops to individuals and price ranges, it is easy to get lost in the process of hiring cleaning services.

July 31

Got Stomach Pain After Eating? We’ve Got Treatments!
The other evening, my friend Anne and I ate dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant. Our delicious meal consisted of several courses—there was the antipasto platter filled with a variety of deli meats, veggies, and cheeses; a caprese salad drizzled with flavorful balsamic vinegar; and a large gourmet pizza topped with bocconcini cheese balls, grilled zucchini, and eggplant. Needless to say, the meal was to die for!
Is Eating Ice Bad for You?
Pica is a disorder where people feel the urge to eat items of little or no nutritional value, such as soil, chalk, sand, or glass. This disorder generally occurs amongst children and people who have developmental issues.
Eating Avocado Seeds Can Help Fight Cancer (and 4 Other Health Benefits)
Avocados are, by far, my favorite food; in fact, I try to eat at least one avocado every day. The green, creamy fruit can pretty much go with anything. I add half an avocado to my morning smoothie and another half to my salad at dinnertime…and if I have a craving for nachos, I love making homemade guacamole!
14 Effective Homeopathic Remedies for Depression
Depression is more common than you might think. In fact, mental health conditions, such as depression or anxiety attacks, likely hit close to home for most people. Depression is a serious medical condition that can even run in the family—it sure does in mine.
Study says most people go to the toilet wrong
The fact of the matter is we all poop. I apologize for being frank, but let’s call a spade a spade and discuss a topic that is rarely brought up. There are many issues associated with pooping such as constipation, diarrhea and diverticulitis.
4 signs that reveal how you sleep
Unless you have some high-tech gadget that monitors your sleep, you may not know if you’re sleeping well or not. For example, people with sleep apnea don’t even realize they momentarily stop breathing, which interrupts their sleep. They might wake up somewhat tired, but may feel think they had a good sleep the night before.
Thyroid and gut connection
Many studies as of late have been showing a strong connection between the gut and other parts of the body. One such connection is the gut-mind connection, which reveals how emotions and stress can trigger health problems in our gut. Recent studies have revealed a connection between the thyroid and the gut.
What Could Osha Root Do for You?
Osha root is a Rocky Mountain herb, the root of which has been used by Native Americans for treating respiratory infections and conditions of the digestive tract. Many of today’s best herbal medicines aren’t necessarily from far-flung countries such as China, but from the forests of North America. Echinacea is another example, and it has morphed into the world’s most popular natural medicine for colds and flu.
What is Gout? Symptoms and Natural remedies of Gout
One particular type of arthritis targets the joints and tissues around the large toe and foot. This form of arthritis is called gout and it can be quite painful. Attacks of gout can happen sporadically, but they usually occur soon after waking up or during the night.